Back To A Healthy Diet

Being back from vacation means going back to better habits. No candy and no more eating out. I really haven’t kept it up at all this year after several weeks of being sick, but now I have no more excuses! I’m going back on a low carb diet (lchf). I did it for about a month and a half back in November, along with regular workouts, and I felt ten times better. I started with filling up our empty fridge, and right now I feel more motivated than ever before.
I really can’t remember the last time we had this many vegetables in the house. But I am loving it! (And, yes, I do know that bananas and tomatoes are fruit. But still.)
I’ve always thought structure is the key behind keeping up with a diet, a workout regime, or any other lifestyle changes, so I’m writing down this weeks dinner plan. Hopefully I will stick to it and make another one next week. Although I’m leaving one day open for each week – this time It’s Sunday.

Today’s dinner was a success. I haven’t tried this recipe since I posted it on the blog, so I had forgotten how delicious it is. This time we also added fresh cilantro, which really hit the spot!

Blogging Updates

Wow, how is it March already?? I feel like this year has hardly even started and it’s almost spring already! Oh well, I’m going to treat this as sort of a new start since January and February didn’t work out so great. I feel like I was sick half of the time, and the rest of the time I was lacking motivation. Which you can probably tell from the fact that I’ve only posted three outfits last months (Valentines, Boyfriend Jeans, and a Casual Outfit). So, there’s no outfit summary post this month; only a promise that March will be much better!

To make up for it here’s an old outfit that I hope to be wearing again soon. In Florida!

However, right now I’m very excited – I think 2013 will be a great year for my blog! I’ve met so many great bloggers lately, which has really increased my motivation to come up with fun new posts. I’ve also realized that my “blogging vocabulary” could really use some work; and I’m finally getting the hang of using Twitter (I never actually thought I would start to like it). There’s a lot more to the social aspect of blogging than just writing posts, and I’m finally starting to appreciate it! Who would have thought that there’s a whole community of us out there?

Through Luchessa and her beauty posts I’ve found a lot of new favorite blogs, including Nykki. Nykki has already put my name up on her blog, and at the end of April my banner will be shown under all her posts for a full month! She has such a fun blog, and her personality shines through in every post. And these are just two of the wonderful new ladies I hope to get to know better. You should definitely take a second to check them out.

Oh, btw! While we’re talking about my blog. My next giveaway will be at 400 followers. I know it’s still a little ways off, but the last hundred went so fast that I want to be prepared. Do you have any ideas for great giveaway prizes? What would you like to find in your mail box?

Have a Great Thursday!

This day has just gone by way too fast – but at least I finally have a clean apartment and some clean clothes! Actually, this whole week has just flown by. Very busy, but fun. And next week it’s spring break! Now I only have a few more minutes to get ready before I’m heading out the door again.

So I’m going to leave you with this beautiful picture and quote. I know that it’s definitely true for me!

Happy Days

Do you ever just wake up in the morning and feel happy for no good reason? Do you grab a coffee and walk outside, and smile because it’s going to be a good day? That’s how my morning has been today. Which is saying something for someone who normally hates getting out of the bed! I had a chiropractor appointment to get to, the sun was shining and it was almost too warm to wear a sweater, and a song I love was playing on the radio. Even now I’m enjoying my second cup of coffee while singing along to random songs on youtube.

Anyway. I hope your morning was just as great! It’s always great to start the week off right.

2013 Resolutions

So, I don’t usually take new year’s resolutions very seriously, but I still think it’s a neat idea. I like the idea of striving to improve and promising to be a better version of yourself in the year to come. After all, if you’ve put some serious thought into your resolutions, following them can only make you happier. That’s at least true for me. I’m not happy when things stay the same for too long, or when I don’t feel like I’m motivated. And what better way to keep me motivated and on track then to post my resolutions online for everyone to see? Haha.

2012 was an amazing year, but with a little effort I think we can make 2013 just as good!

  1. Keep Working Out. I’m really happy with my progress in 2012, so I really just want to keep it up. And now that I have an elliptical at home I really have no excuse to be lazy. So my goal is to work out about 4 times a week, unless I’m sick, traveling, or extremely busy.
  2. Keep Traveling. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many new places as I did last year, and it was amazing! Our honeymoon was a big part of that (and we won’t be repeating that any time soon), but I want to keep going on weekend trips even if it’s just to Atlanta. And we’re already planning on a road trip through Florida when spring break comes along.
  3. Try to Eat Healthy During Weekdays. This is the one resolution that I’m the most likely to break! I love my fast food, chocolate, and potato chips. But from now on I’m going to limit it as much as possible. Saturdays and Sundays are for movie nights and snacks, any other day is for trying out new healthy and delicious recipes – and sharing them with all of you!
  4. Be More Social. Last spring was extremely busy with school and I hardly ever had time to hang out with friends. And when I finally did have some time off I would rather just curl up on the couch and watch a movie with Andy. In the long run this didn’t exactly make me very happy. However, during fall I put much more of an effort into being social, and it was a much better semester!
  5. Make Plans. We will be staying in Athens until Andy is done with his PhD, which is at least another year and a half, but after that I haven’t the faintest idea what I want to do. So this might sound a little silly, but one of my resolutions is to put some serious thought into what I want to do with my life. Where do I want to live, where do I want to work, and what is going to make me happy in the long run? Because right now I have no idea.
  6. Keep in Touch! I’m probably not the only one who is bad at this. When your life gets busy and you have a hundred things to think about, you tend to forget about the friends and family you haven’t talked to in forever. Sitting down to write a letter might not be the first thing on your mind, but it means so much to the one receiving it. I am lucky to have great friends back in Norway, and every time we meet it seems like no time at all has gone by. But I would love to know more about their day-to-day life when I’m not around. So this year I am going to write more emails, letters, facebook messages, and texts to all the people I care about. And I hope you’ll join me!

Here is one of my happiest moments from 2012. It’s a tough one to beat, but I’m already wondering which moments are going to stay with me from 2013.

A Beautiful Forest Walk

I felt wide awake when I got up this morning – even with just 5 hours of sleep. I hurried upstairs to grab breakfast and noticed that the weather was perfect, so I dragged Andy out of bed for a nice, long walk. He told me about a forest trail not far from here, and that’s where we went. It was a little cold and windy in the beginning, but the sun was shining and walking kept our temperature up.

We really had no idea where we were going, and just picked random trails every time we had a choice. It was so beautiful there that I almost wished I had brought my camera along, instead of just my iPhone.
I also loved the fact that we only met one other person for about an hour. We had all the time in the world to talk and enjoy the scenery by ourselves. It was probably for the best too, because after a while I started getting a bit slaphappy from the fun and lack of sleep, and giggled more than I talked.
There was even a river. I’m already looking forward to coming back here during the summer!

10 Tips To Make Your Life Easier

  1. If something takes less than 1 minute to do, don’t postpone it! Put away your coat and scarf as soon as you get home, put your dishes in the dishwasher right away, and clear away things when you’re done using them.
  2. Make a weekly to-do list and do at least one thing every day. Planning ahead makes it easier.
  3. Have a designated cleaning day each week where you take care of big chores like doing laundry and cleaning the house. That way it becomes a habit and a part of your schedule, which makes it easier to get it done.
  4. Cut up vegetables for several crock-pot dinners ahead of time and put them in ziplock bags in the freezer. That way it will take no time at all to prepare a dinner when you get up in the morning.
  5. Have a folder for important papers in a designated spot – include everything from bank papers and car insurance to important letters. I always stress out when I can’t find a bill that I know is due.
  6. Organize your things so you spend less time looking for them. Put a see-through shoe organizer on the inside of your pantry for kitchen gadgets and cleaning supplies, or organize your clothes by color so that it’s easier to find an outfit to wear every morning.
  7. Get rid of clutter in your home. It’s a lot easier to relax when you’re surrounded by clean surfaces.
  8. However, don’t stress out over minor things like your husband leaving his socks on the floor or not putting his plate in the dishwasher. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect at all times (although I know how annoying it can be, hehe).
  9. Always have simple and healthy snacks in the house. That keeps me from digging into a box of ice cream whenever I’m in a bad mood. For example, instead of ice cream, try putting a frozen banana in the blender and adding a bit of cocoa powder.
  10. When you’re getting undressed at night, if your clothes are clean enough to wear again, put them back, if not put them straight in the laundry basket. That way nothing ends up on the floor.

procrastinationI also love this article I found with cute, helpful everyday ideas: 25 clever ideas to make life easier.