OPI Liquid Sand – Get Your Number

I’ve seen the liquid sand polishes everywhere lately, but I just didn’t get around to buying one myself until yesterday. I thought the effect looked so cool I just had to try it out. Since blue is one of my favorite colors I ended up with Get Your Number from OPI, which is a gorgeous light blue (even though it looks dark blue in the bottle) with tons of glitter.

I started out with just one layer and actually thought it looked good even though it’s kinda see through.
Then I added another and was amazed at how pretty it was. And the formula is perfect! I imagined it being hard to apply, or at least a little annoying like most glitter polishes, but I had no trouble at all. In these pictures I haven’t even cleaned it up. The edges came out like that on first try.
Here you can see the texture a little better. Even though I’m in love with how it looks it still takes some getting used to. In the beginning it really just feels weird every time your nails touches anything.
So, in conclusion, I am definitely getting more of these!
Update: After 5 days this polish still looks amazing! (But it’s time for it to come off.)

Revlon – Scandalous

I couldn’t help myself when I found this glitter polish at Walgreens. It really reminds me of Ritzy, the same formula and look, just with purple glitter instead of silver. You need about three thin layers for cover and a couple layers of top coat afterward, but it is definitely worth it.
I love the way the specks of glitter looks in the light. The previous layers shine through.
My only complaint was that it chipped (or scratched, really) a little too easily since the finished look was fairly thick. But my love of glitter still puts it among my favorites.

Revlon – Trendy

I bought this before we left Athens and tried it out yesterday. I always have time for nail polish, even on vacation (although I applied it kinda fast and sloppy). I really like the formula. Like most Revlons it goes on very easily and evenly, and it’s almost a one coater – depending on how thick you apply it.
It’s a teal shade with a bit of green in it, which was perfect for the St. Patrick’s parade in Fort Lauderdale today. Everyone were dressed in green and covered in beads, even though it’s a week early.

Midnight Sky Nails

For a base I used OPI Roadhouse Blues, a polish I had almost forgotten about. I love the formula and the dark blue color, but when you’re inside the shade looks more black than blue – which was disappointing because the bottle looks more navy. Since I haven’t posted it before, here’s a quick swatch so you can see the polish by itself. Using a flash you can see the gorgeous blue that shows up in sunshine.
Then I applied two thin layers of Essence More than Words. It’s a glitter with a bit of a pink and gold tint, and I love the way it looks on top of dark colors. Afterwards I finished it off with two layers of top coat.
Isn’t it amazing?! Andy said he thought it looked like a starry night sky, which I absolutely loved. It’s such a simple manicure, but it’s still one of my favorites.
I keep looking at my nails, admiring how the specks of glitter sparkles even in dim lighting.

Multicolored Dotted Nails

I was inspired by an instagram picture from YoungWildandPolished, and decided to copy the look in with slightly different colors. Btw, if you haven’t checked out her account already, I would definitely recommend it! Or you can stop by her blog.

This fun manicure definitely made me feel a bit better on an otherwise crappy day. I normally stick to comfort eating when I’m sick, but that is useless when you can’t taste anything, haha! So nail polish it is!
I used Sally Hansen Black Out for the base (I’m not a fan of it, but it’s the only black polish I’ve got), and Pure Ice Crimson, New Lilac, and Heartbreaker for the dots. I think the green glitter was really fun on top of the black, even though it’s a little bit hard to see. I need to try it out again.
Your can see Heartbreaker (the green glitter) easier in the shots with a flash. I love the shine.
What do you think? Anyway, now I’m headed back to bed. Good night!

Red and Purple Polka Dot Nails

I’m slowly falling in love with my dotting tools as I’m starting to get the hang of it. So this might be the first polka dotted manicure of many – just a warning. It doesn’t hurt that they’re so easy to do.
I used Pure Ice Crimson as the base. I love this dark, shiny pink shade, and it has a great formula. For the dots I used Pure Ice Temptress, and finished it all of with a layer of Sally Hansen’s fast drying top coat.
I like the dots on my middle and pinky finger best; the rest of them got a little too big as I dipped “the dotter” too far into the polish. But it’s nothing that you can really see from a distance.

Revlon – Girly

I realize there’s been a ton of nail polish posts on the blog this past few days – I’m just in that kind of mood, I guess. This probably won’t be the last one either, because I have another one in mind as we speak. Anyway, here’s the second pink polish I bought the other day. Only $3.99 at Kroger.

I really like the way this looks after just one layer (no top coat). Just slightly pink and very girly.
But I had to see how it was with a few more layers, and after three it covered completely. The last layer should be a little thicker to get more of the glitter onto your nail. Strangely enough it looks almost purple by now – it must be all the purple specks. The polish was pretty good to work with, though.
This was honestly a little too much for me. I really like the polish, but it looks best after one layer.
In the end I added a little pink heart – in the spirit of Valentines day this Thursday.