Black and Glitter

I used Sally Hansen Black Out for the base and Pure Ice Treasure Hunt for the glitter. I really need to buy a new black polish, because I’m not a big fan of this one. It’s too thick, which makes it hard to apply, and it can get a little streaky. But I still think this manicure is perfect for a night out.
I made sure to scrape all the large specks of glitter off my brush, as I only wanted the small ones. I love how, from a distance, the glitter looks gold instead of green. And I also want to try this with a few different types of glitter, because I think the black background is very pretty.


Nail Polish Tools

I just found these three sets on Amazon for just a couple dollars each. I’ve actually been wanting some of the tools for ages so that I can try out some new nail designs, but I’ve been too lazy to look for them. I also thought it would be more expensive. But now they’re on the way home to me! So I guess during Christmas break I guess I’ll be posting a lot of new nail polish designs. Wish me luck! Hehe.