Dinner Plan Week 2

Last weeks dinner plan went surprisingly well. I cheated on Saturday, but that was it. I normally have a lot going on on weekends so I think I’ll just do the weekdays from now on. Then we can eat leftovers or something simple on Saturdays. I’ll be happy as long as I get 5 decent meals in every week – and then I can take the weekend off.

Here is what last week looked like. But I didn’t eat the rice, of course. That was for Andy.

And here’s my plan for this week. I also have a couple of lunch/snack recipes that I’m planning on trying out, so that should be fun. I just bought a whole pack of smoked salmon that is making my fridge smell delicious! (If you like smoked salmon as much as me, that is.)

  • Monday: Zucchini Lasagna
  • Tuesday: Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs with Vegetables
  • Wednesday: Creamy Baked Chicken
  • Thursday: Tacos (Taco Salad for me)
  • Friday: Fried Sausages and Mushrooms with Vegetables

Back To A Healthy Diet

Being back from vacation means going back to better habits. No candy and no more eating out. I really haven’t kept it up at all this year after several weeks of being sick, but now I have no more excuses! I’m going back on a low carb diet (lchf). I did it for about a month and a half back in November, along with regular workouts, and I felt ten times better. I started with filling up our empty fridge, and right now I feel more motivated than ever before.
I really can’t remember the last time we had this many vegetables in the house. But I am loving it! (And, yes, I do know that bananas and tomatoes are fruit. But still.)
I’ve always thought structure is the key behind keeping up with a diet, a workout regime, or any other lifestyle changes, so I’m writing down this weeks dinner plan. Hopefully I will stick to it and make another one next week. Although I’m leaving one day open for each week – this time It’s Sunday.

Today’s dinner was a success. I haven’t tried this recipe since I posted it on the blog, so I had forgotten how delicious it is. This time we also added fresh cilantro, which really hit the spot!

Today’s Plans

The first item on the agenda today is to change a flat tire… The air has been slowly seeping out for days, and now it really can’t be postponed any longer. PS: Santa, no one really wants a flat tire for Christmas! Besides, I had another one less than two months ago and I really feel like that was enough.

Afterwards we’re going shopping – for Andy! He’s the kind of guy who never wants anything. And if he does, he just goes and buys it himself. So birthdays and Christmases are kind of hard for me, hehe. This year the only thing he really needed was new clothes, but he can also be kind of picky. So I went with a gift card and a coupon for a free shopping trip and dinner. It should be fun.

Oh, and btw. This is why I’ve given up outfit posts while I’ve been on vacation. I feel like I’ve spent the majority of my time on this couch, eating good food, watching movies, playing games, and reading. And I’ve pretty much been wearing sweatpants every day! So comfy, but not very fashionable, haha.

My 2012 Travels

I can’t believe that it’s December already! The year is almost over and I can’t help to think about everything that has happened in 2012. It has, without a doubt, been the most eventful and exciting year of my life! I mean, it’s not every year you get married to the man you love. Things went by so fast, and I went through ups and down while being stressed out and ecstatic at the same time. But I still had time to sit down and enjoy it all. And I have pictures that make me smile all over again.

Except for our wedding the most exciting part of this year has been all the places I’ve seen with Andy. I absolutely love traveling, and this has been my busiest year so far. I hope it will only get better.

I don’t have any plans for 2013 just yet, but I have a ton of ideas. I always try to go into a new year thinking it’s going to be the best year ever (although this past summer will be hard to top). It’s all about your attitude, right? Well, I hope to see a few more places for the first time.

Starting The Week Off Right!

I definitely meant to post this last night, but I was so exhausted that I just passed out. I had gone for a long jog, and since I always feel so silly when I’m running I prefer to do it late so that no one can see me, haha. When I got back I was starving, but you know how sleepy food makes you when you’re already tired. I am really happy that I completed all of last weeks workout plan, though, and that I started out the new week with another workout. That way the rest of the week should be equally productive.

The only problem I have had is that my right calf is very stiff. But that makes sense since I have worn a walking boot for four weeks and hardly used the leg at all during that period. With a lot of stretching I’m sure I’ll still be fine. Here’s my workout plan for this week (it’s pretty similar to last week):

  • Monday: Went for a long jog. Forgot to stretch, which I can feel today, blah.
  • Tuesday: More stretching (I am way too stiff, haha).
  • Wednesday: Strength exercises and use my Wii balance board.
  • Thursday: Use my Zumba Wii game to work out. It is surprisingly effective.
  • Friday: Take the day off.
  • Saturday: Go for another jog, or use my Zumba game – depending on how my leg feels.
  • Sunday: Stretching and strength exercises, or possibly take a break.

This is how exciting I am at the thought of getting back into shape! Haha. I love the feeling of having completed a good workout. (And, yes, I do look slightly retarded here, but that’s okay.)

If you have any ideas of good workouts that won’t hurt my foot too much, please let me know. I really don’t want to run too much yet since it puts a lot of pressure on my legs.

Back To Normal

Phew, we finally got our flooding problem fixed. They were done at around 5 am last night, and I was about to pass out (I had been tired since 10 o’clock). They had to come back this morning to fix something too, though – Our toilet or something like that. So I didn’t exactly have great night of sleep. And we woke up to a bathroom in desperate need of cleaning!

And now on to some actual good news. I took my boot off today! Well, I will still be wearing it every now and then, just to make sure it’s doing okay. But I no longer have to live in it. So I finally got in a good workout after four weeks of sitting still – you better believe I’ll be sore tomorrow. It’s amazing how fast you lose all the progress you’ve made. Before the accident I was finally feeling pretty good after being out of shape for way too long, but now it’s all gone again (at least it feels like it is). I think Andy once told me that if you don’t work out for one week then you lose two weeks worth of progress, or something like that. So you’ve really got to work hard to maintain it.

I’m actually not a huge fan or running/jogging, mostly because I have no stamina, haha. But I wanted to get a good start on my workout, so I went for a half hour jog – with some walking included. And, like always, my face was bright red by the time I was done. Oh well, it felt good.

For the next few weeks I’m going to start making a work-out plan for myself every week, just so that I’m sure I’ll keep up with it. And I wanted to post it here for extra motivation. I gained a few pounds (and lost quite a bit of muscle weight) while staying at home with this stupid injured foot, so now I’m determined to get back to where I was. Here’s my first week:

  • Monday: Go for a run/jog. Do a lot of stretching.
  • Tuesday: More stretching (I am way too stiff, haha).
  • Wednesday: Bring out my Zumba game again, and complete at least 30 minutes.
  • Thursday: Take the day off.
  • Friday: Strength exercises.
  • Saturday: Go for another jog – I really want to work on my stamina.
  • Sunday: Stretching and strength exercises, or possibly take a break.

What do you do to motivate yourself to work out?
How many times a week do you work out?

Btw, this is me a year and a half ago. That’s my motivation. I think it’s important to not compare yourself to others, so I’d rather look back at a time I was very happy with myself, and strive to get back to it.