Red and Purple Polka Dot Nails

I’m slowly falling in love with my dotting tools as I’m starting to get the hang of it. So this might be the first polka dotted manicure of many – just a warning. It doesn’t hurt that they’re so easy to do.
I used Pure Ice Crimson as the base. I love this dark, shiny pink shade, and it has a great formula. For the dots I used Pure Ice Temptress, and finished it all of with a layer of Sally Hansen’s fast drying top coat.
I like the dots on my middle and pinky finger best; the rest of them got a little too big as I dipped “the dotter” too far into the polish. But it’s nothing that you can really see from a distance.


Nails With a Dotted Frame

I found this tutorial on youtube and was inspired to try it out myself. But instead of purple and gold I ended up with a dark teal and silver design. It was actually a very simple manicure.
I used Pure Ice’s Internationally Known for the base and Sephora by OPI’s Social Climber for the dots. I really love both of these colors! They’re of good quality and easy to apply.
I’m glad I took these pictures before applying Sally Hansen instantly drying top coat, because as soon as I did the silver polish was mixed into the blue (even though my nails had been completely dry for a while). I like the top coat on plain colors – it gives a good shine and makes the polish last longer – but it doesn’t work on designs at all. My index finger was especially bad, as you can see.

Black and Glitter

I used Sally Hansen Black Out for the base and Pure Ice Treasure Hunt for the glitter. I really need to buy a new black polish, because I’m not a big fan of this one. It’s too thick, which makes it hard to apply, and it can get a little streaky. But I still think this manicure is perfect for a night out.
I made sure to scrape all the large specks of glitter off my brush, as I only wanted the small ones. I love how, from a distance, the glitter looks gold instead of green. And I also want to try this with a few different types of glitter, because I think the black background is very pretty.

Pure Ice – New Lilac

I’m actually not a huge fan of this polish, but I figured I’d post the pictures anyway (all reviews can’t be positive, right?). It went on very streaky, and I didn’t think it covered very well either. It also didn’t help that the shade off purple wasn’t my favorite. I like pastels and bright colors, but this one just seemed a bit watered down – in the bottle it looked more like a pastel with a hint of silver.
I used Pure Ice’s Cheatin on my ring finger to try to spice it up, but I think I should have used more.
(Please ignore the sloppy application. It’s kind of hard to do your nails while you’re coughing, hehe.)

Pure Ice – Taupe Drawer

I can’t believe I haven’t tested this polish before now. I really love it! So cute and subtle that it could go with any outfit (it’s feminine without being “in your face” pink). Pure Ice had actually been planning on discontinuing this color in 2013 but, after getting a ton of complaints, they changed their mind and it will instead be renamed 966 Absolutely Marvelous. So it’s not going anywhere!
I couldn’t completely capture the correct nuance, but I’d say it’s right in the middle of these pictures. The flash made it a little too baby pink, while without it the color looked too dark. But you get the idea.
It goes on easy, but since I prefer thin layers I had to use three of them for complete coverage. When i was done I used a layer of OPI’s top coat, and I’m pretty happy with the result. What do you think?

Pure Ice – Dreamy

I’m not normally a huge fan of pink, but I really liked this polish. It went on easily and covered completely in two layers, and the glitter was distributed evenly. The end result was too cute not to like.
You definitely need a layer or two of top coat, though, because there is so much glitter you can feel it on top of your nail when it has dried. It definitely looks great when it catches the light.
I wanted to try out this “perfect tips” tape that I have bought so I finished it off with purple tips using Pure Ice’s Temptress. That polish has even more glitter in it than Dreamy.

Pure Ice – Temptress

Blah, I managed to brake a couple nails yesterday, so I had to cut them all down. But that won’t stop me from polishing them, and I think I’ve just found a new favorite! I absolutely love this one from the Pure Ice Velour Finish collection. It’s a dark, rich purple that sometimes look dark blue in the right light, and it’s packed full of gold glitter. I also love how tick this polish is, without being difficult to apply, so that one layer is enough to cover your nails.

It looks like a glitter polish, but it applies like a normal one. I love it!
I already have a couple of ideas in mind for this one. It would be perfect to use with tape since it covers so well. And it also dried fairly quickly. I definitely wouldn’t have guessed that this is a $2 polish.
You can also see the glitter really well, even in low lighting.