Travel Observations

Just a few random observations/discoveries I made while we were on spring break that I had to get off my chest. Because the beauty of seeing new places is that they are different from what you’re used to.

– There was A LOT of plastic surgery going on in Miami. I swear I even saw butt implants…

– You hear roosters everywhere you are in Key West. Be careful not to step on them.

– We saw (and heard) wild parrots in Fort Lauderdale.

– People practically hunt you down with offers and free drinks to get you to eat at their restaurants in South Beach. So you might as well take advantage of it (once you’ve seen them all).

– The Everglades looked like an African savannah in several places.

– There were a lot of people from Scandinavia in the Everglades. I even talked to a Danish couple.

– Just about every airboat service claimed to be “the original”.

– Thin high heels are a really bad idea when walking on docks.

– Running along the beach in the dark while tipsy is a lot of fun.

– It is windy EVERYWHERE in Florida. Where we went anyway. Bring a hair tie.

– People eat fried key lime pie. Seriously?!

– Very cheap hotels might have bed bugs. Check your mattress! We luckily got a new room.

– You can apparently drink in public in South Beach and Key West? At least people did. I just though that was a Vegas thing. Not that I’m complaining.

– Drawbridges are fun the first time. Then they get old fast.

– I hate toll roads…

– Jamaican style chicken is delicious! We had it at two different places, and they were both excellent.

– Eat at the local places. The food is new and exciting, and the service is way better.

– The sand in Miami is fine as sand while in the Keys it’s a lot more gritty.

On The Mend

I think I have actually tricked myself into believing that I can’t gain weight on my birthday, when I’m on vacation, or when I’m sick. At least I eat as though it’s true… So as soon as my taste buds started functioning again I whipped up a big batch of comfort food and curled up with book five of the Mortal Instruments. And I’m already feeling quite a bit better! Tomorrow I should be on my feet again.

Bacon, yellow onion, and corn. Random, delicious, and not exactly low-calorie.

Now I’m catching up on all the blogs I’ve neglected in the past few days. I have no idea how I’ve gotten such a long list of great blogs that I read regularly, but I might make a list of them to share with you. And I always love finding new ones, so feel free to share your favorite ones with me. After all, being sick is pretty boring.

Saturday Night at Home

It’s Saturday night and Andy just left to hang out with friends. Since my back has been hurting badly for a couple of days, and I don’t have a chiropractor appointment until Monday, I’m staying in instead of being social. However, I’m still pretty sure I’ll have a fun night all by myself. You see, Andy took my on a Kroger run to get chocolate, wine, and new nail polishes, so I have plenty of stuff to keep me entertained. And there’s my blog, tv, and video games… Now tell me… Does this make me slightly pathetic?

Oh well, everyone has nights where they would rather stay in and relax. I might even take a bath!
And these pink glitter polishes are adorable. I’ll post pictures of one of them later.

Weird and Random Facts About Me

Okay, I’m bored. So this was really all I could think to post about, haha.

  • I have no idea what’s going on around me when I’m reading an exciting book.
  • I am terrified of spiders
  • Me and my uncle once went shark diving in the Bahamas. It was amazing!
  • I don’t think I’ve ever cleaned a toilet (not in as long as I can remember at least – that’s Andy’s job).
  • I was once so tired when my alarm went off that I fell face-first on the floor when I got out of bed.
  • I sprained both my ankles, my right wrist, and a thumb when I was younger.
  • I feel incredibly sorry for myself when I’m sick. Luckily Andy’s there to take care of me, hehe.
  • I own over 50 pairs of shoes…
  • Most people can’t tell that I’m not American when I speak.
  • I want to go sky diving really badly.
  • I was planning on selling my wedding dress, but now I don’t think I can make myself do it.
  • I love dark chocolate!
  • I don’t hate doing laundry, but I can’t stand to fold clothes afterward.
  • Have you heard of the show Sister Wives? I thought the women were all sisters… (gross)
  • I love being silly – sometimes.

Now, if you read my blog, I would love to get to know you better. So please leave a couple random facts about yourself as a comment.

Wednesday Night

Today I made bacon wrapped chicken with cream cheese for dinner. It was a big hit with Andy and I’ll definitely make it again! It was surprisingly simple, but I’ll post the recipe tomorrow anyway.

Now I’m so full that I’m stuck on the couch planning this years Christmas presents. Why is it so hard to find the perfect gift for everyone? Especially when no one makes wish lists any more… Oh well, I still have weeks to figure it out and I always love it when I’m ready to wrap them. And in just three days it’s officially December and I’ll probably be playing Christmas songs 24/7! (Sorry, Andy.)

Late Night Randomness

Don’t you love going through old pictures and finding something unexpected? I do this all the time since I take way too many pictures of just about everything. This time I looked at some pictures from me and Andy’s spring break trip to Florida this year, and found a couple that he had taken of me without me noticing. We had been playing Yahtzee and drinking wine (random, I know) and I went to get a glass to drink it out of. Looks like I changed my mind halfway through, though.

I also found this, from last Christmas, where Andy looks terrified that the jenga tower might fall over.

They both made me giggle. Candid pictures always tell better stories. Anyway. Good night!

Help From A Stranger

Yesterday didn’t exactly start off great. I was in my car about to head to the store when the UPS guy knocked on my window and told me “you know you have a flat tire?” And he was right. There was a four inch gash in my back right tire, and it was as flat as it could get. It must have happened just as me and Andy got home the night before because we hadn’t noticed anything at all. I am no car wiz and really had no idea what to do at this point (Andy was at school and couldn’t help me). So I asked the UPS guy if I needed to get the car towed. He just takes a look and asks if I have a spare tire. I didn’t even know if I did – who owns a car for 5 years and knows as little about it as I do? – so we checked the trunk.

Turns out a small spare tire comes with the car for situations like this, just so you can drive the car to a repair shop. This wasn’t of much help to me, though, who has never even watched someone change a tire. But I didn’t have to worry about it because the UPS guy offered to change it for me! He just went to his car and put his “tracker thingy” to “on break” and came back to help me out. So he spent his entire lunch break helping a stranger change her tire – without thinking twice about it.

It definitely made my day after a pretty bad morning. Not many people would care enough to drop what they are doing and help someone they don’t even know. Mr. UPS guy: I owe you one! So I guess the moral of my story is “help a stranger”. Haha.