A Relaxing Weekend in Melbourne

After a week of “intense traveling”, where we changed hotels every day and hardly had a minute to waste, we were finally back in Melbourne on Thursday night. We decided that we would spend the last weekend relaxing by the pool so that we wouldn’t get back to Athens more stressed out than when we went on vacation. Don’t get me wrong, though! We had an amazing time, but six hours of sleep every night was starting to get to us.

So yesterday was my first day of doing absolutely nothing. After a morning trip to Starbucks I put on a bikini and lay by the pool catching up on blogs I hadn’t read in a week. But, when I finally had the time to relax, I started getting antsy and could hardly make myself sit still. And it didn’t help that the old man tanning next to me made me feel under-dressed by showing up in dress pants, a sweater, and a hat. I get it, you planned your outfit way better than me today! When he then started singing out loud I had to keep myself from giggling and decided to jump in the pool and swim until I was exhausted.


If this level of energy keeps up it might actually not be so hard to start working out again when I get back home. And I’m enjoying waking up before 11 am without an alarm and without feeling like I need 5 cups of coffee to keep myself up. I think this trip might have been pretty good for us!

And – since we were talking about pools – these are my three favorite bikinis right now. The blue is from a cute little shop in Key West, the red from Macy’s, and the peach one from Victoria’s Secret.


Saturday Night at Home

It’s Saturday night and Andy just left to hang out with friends. Since my back has been hurting badly for a couple of days, and I don’t have a chiropractor appointment until Monday, I’m staying in instead of being social. However, I’m still pretty sure I’ll have a fun night all by myself. You see, Andy took my on a Kroger run to get chocolate, wine, and new nail polishes, so I have plenty of stuff to keep me entertained. And there’s my blog, tv, and video games… Now tell me… Does this make me slightly pathetic?

Oh well, everyone has nights where they would rather stay in and relax. I might even take a bath!
And these pink glitter polishes are adorable. I’ll post pictures of one of them later.