Revlon – Ritzy

I was looking for a new plain black polish when I found Revlon’s Ritzy (780), and instantly forgot all about my hunt. I’m pretty sure I left Kroger with this polish, some cotton pads, and a bag of chips. I think it’s safe to say that beautiful polishes make it hard for me to focus. I might have a problem.
Glitter polishes is my current obsession, and I especially like the ones like this one, which has a colored polish in addition to the glitter. I needed three layers for complete coverage, because the polish is transparent so that you can see the specs from the different layers shining through.
You need a couple layers of top coat for a smooth surface, and if you let it dry completely in between each layer this polish should look great for days. Oh, I love it so much!


Nails With a Dotted Frame

I found this tutorial on youtube and was inspired to try it out myself. But instead of purple and gold I ended up with a dark teal and silver design. It was actually a very simple manicure.
I used Pure Ice’s Internationally Known for the base and Sephora by OPI’s Social Climber for the dots. I really love both of these colors! They’re of good quality and easy to apply.
I’m glad I took these pictures before applying Sally Hansen instantly drying top coat, because as soon as I did the silver polish was mixed into the blue (even though my nails had been completely dry for a while). I like the top coat on plain colors – it gives a good shine and makes the polish last longer – but it doesn’t work on designs at all. My index finger was especially bad, as you can see.

Hole Protector Nails

I’ve wanted to try out this method for a while, so I bought hole protectors the other day (you can get a thousand of them for just a dollar at Walmart). Then I used Sephora by OPI – Social Climber for the base and Pure Ice – Internationally Known for the top.

Here’s a guide if you want to try it – just remember to remove the hole protectors while the polish is wet.
My hole protectors didn’t come off as evenly as I had hoped, though. I still need some practice.

So, since I had already messed them up a bit, I decided to test out Sally Hansen – Ice Queen on top. I mostly just wanted to see what it looked like, since I had just bought it.

I only used one layer here, and it went on easily, so I would definitely recommend it. I really have fallen in love with glitter polishes lately!

Silver Nail Polish – Sephora by OPI

I got this new silver nail polish at Sephora on Sunday, and I figured I’d try out something new while I was at it. A french manicure with a twist – red polish with silver tips. But I ended up completely butchering it instead… I put the silver on first and used regular tape on my tips before applying Revlon, All fired up. But the tape was too sticky, and I took it off before the polish was completely dry, so it didn’t work out.

I’m definitely going to try it out again though, because I like the idea. Online I saw it done with hole protectors, which I guess would be a bit less sticky than tape. And different colors would be fun too.

But I ended up removing it and just applying the silver base. I actualy really like it. It’s easy to apply and dries fairly fast, and two layers is all you need for complete coverage.

The nail polish is Sephora by OPI, Social Climber. I think it was a little under $10 in store.

Here is an example of an “opposite silver manicure”. I really want to try that next.

My Jewelry Tree

I have a jewelry box where I keep most of my necklaces and bracelets, but I have some favorites that I wear so often that I hate having to put them away every single night. And for a while they ended up just lying around my bedroom, creating more clutter. So when I found this cute little thing at Walmart I couldn’t help myself, I just had to have it. I think it was about $20-30 and it now hold all my favorite jewelry and keeps my nightstand clutter-free. I hang necklaces and bracelets on the branches and leave my rings (plus hair ties and bobby pins) in the tray on the bottom.

I also really like these two, which I found through a google image search. Very cute and practical.

You’ll notice through my blog that I’m a huge fan of all types of storage items. Anything that will keep my apartment free of clutter, because I’m so very good at creating it. And I do tend to accumulate quite a few things that just don’t fit into our small living space. I can’t wait to show you the gorgeous armoire that now keeps all my makeup, in addition to hair products and other accessories.