A Beautiful Forest Walk

I felt wide awake when I got up this morning – even with just 5 hours of sleep. I hurried upstairs to grab breakfast and noticed that the weather was perfect, so I dragged Andy out of bed for a nice, long walk. He told me about a forest trail not far from here, and that’s where we went. It was a little cold and windy in the beginning, but the sun was shining and walking kept our temperature up.

We really had no idea where we were going, and just picked random trails every time we had a choice. It was so beautiful there that I almost wished I had brought my camera along, instead of just my iPhone.
I also loved the fact that we only met one other person for about an hour. We had all the time in the world to talk and enjoy the scenery by ourselves. It was probably for the best too, because after a while I started getting a bit slaphappy from the fun and lack of sleep, and giggled more than I talked.
There was even a river. I’m already looking forward to coming back here during the summer!

Forest Walk

I feel like I’ve pretty much been sitting still for a week straight now, ever since I started wearing this stupid boot. So today I dragged Andy along on a walk just so that I could get a tiny bit of a workout. We had to take it easy, though, because it is surprisingly hard to walk on uneven ground with a stiff ankle. Andy even saved me from falling on my face once. By the end (after about an hour) I felt much more tired than I should be, but it had also been really nice to be outside for a while.

This beautiful trail goes around a pond not far from our apartment. A lot of people use it for running and jogging, but it’s also great for a walk. We were even kept company by geese, squirrels, and turtles.

How cute is this stone peace sign? (Yeah, I know it’s upside down, but that’s how it was from the trail.)

Is walking on railroads illegal? We were wondering, but we still took time for a couple pictures, hehe.

Shorts: Macy’s. Top: Body Central. Shoe: from a small shoe and sunglass shop in downtown Athens.