Blogging Updates

Wow, how is it March already?? I feel like this year has hardly even started and it’s almost spring already! Oh well, I’m going to treat this as sort of a new start since January and February didn’t work out so great. I feel like I was sick half of the time, and the rest of the time I was lacking motivation. Which you can probably tell from the fact that I’ve only posted three outfits last months (Valentines, Boyfriend Jeans, and a Casual Outfit). So, there’s no outfit summary post this month; only a promise that March will be much better!

To make up for it here’s an old outfit that I hope to be wearing again soon. In Florida!

However, right now I’m very excited – I think 2013 will be a great year for my blog! I’ve met so many great bloggers lately, which has really increased my motivation to come up with fun new posts. I’ve also realized that my “blogging vocabulary” could really use some work; and I’m finally getting the hang of using Twitter (I never actually thought I would start to like it). There’s a lot more to the social aspect of blogging than just writing posts, and I’m finally starting to appreciate it! Who would have thought that there’s a whole community of us out there?

Through Luchessa and her beauty posts I’ve found a lot of new favorite blogs, including Nykki. Nykki has already put my name up on her blog, and at the end of April my banner will be shown under all her posts for a full month! She has such a fun blog, and her personality shines through in every post. And these are just two of the wonderful new ladies I hope to get to know better. You should definitely take a second to check them out.

Oh, btw! While we’re talking about my blog. My next giveaway will be at 400 followers. I know it’s still a little ways off, but the last hundred went so fast that I want to be prepared. Do you have any ideas for great giveaway prizes? What would you like to find in your mail box?

What Blogging Means To Me

Blogging means different things to everyone. It can be your own online journal where you share life stories and experiences with people in the same situation; or it can be a cookbook where you swap recipes with other amateur cooks; or an outlet for all your creative energy where you can give and get fashion advice. Whatever the reason people have for blogging they all seem to find it stimulating, and they love the interaction with other bloggers. I am no different.

My blog doesn’t have a specific target audience (except possibly women in general) because I blog about everything from recipes, nail polish, fashion, and my everyday life. If my only goal was to get as many page views as possible I would devote myself completely to one of these so that readers always knew what to expect. But instead I see my blog as a personal outlet and a hobby that I love. I started it because my family lives on the other side of the world from me and I wanted to keep them updated, but then I quickly ended up using it to share more than personal updates (who would want to read a blog that only focused on what I did every day anyway?).

I love taking pictures, and I love editing them. I love nail polish, and trying out new designs. I love it when I succeed in trying out a new recipe. I love shopping, and I love getting dressed up. I love my friends and family, and writing about our experiences together. And when the day is over I love sitting down and sharing it all with YOU. And most of all, I love it when people respond positively to something I have written and pictures I have taken. It makes me happy.

I just think blogging is a great source of inspiration. Even though it is just a hobby, and not a job, I still put effort into posting regularly. So when I’m out of ideas I force myself to do something new or see things in a different way. Since I started doing this I find that I have more fun. It is a way of inspiring myself, not a pressure to constantly write something random to the world. And you have no idea how inspiring other blogs have been in this process. Sharing ideas is the best part of this whole thing!

So, now I want to know, what does blogging mean to YOU?